King Tut exhibition at Trafford Centre

Have just got back from an excellent few days at Manchester.  I took son up to see the King Tutankhamen exhibition at the museum at The Trafford Centre.

This was really good with a film about King Tut and his family and then a film about Howard Carter and how he found the tomb of King Tut.

The tomb



The tomb as Howard Carter would have seen it when he opened the tomb

Guarding the tomb

Treasures of King Tut

Final resting place of King Tut

Carving on sarcophagus

One of the casings for King Tut

Mask of King Tut

Sandals and fingers from the treasures of King Tut

Tomb of King Tut

Golden chair

Treasures of King Tut


boat from the tomb



These are just a small selection of treasures from the tomb, I would recommend if you have the opportunity to see this display go it is well worth a visit and well laid out.  I have been to the  Cairo museum and seen some of the treasures and this exhibition is a very good replication of the treasures.  I am hoping to take Mr up to see the exhibition before it ends as it is an event not to be missed.


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